Author Garrett Glass on the "Mythicist Milwaukee Show"

Garrett Glass is the author of the Jehoshua historical fiction series, which chronicles the development of Christianity from the death of Jesus (Jehoshua) through the triumph of Christianity under Constantine.

The first book in the series, Jehoshua: Signs and Wonders, was released in April, 2013, and Book Two, Jehoshua: Conflagration, was published March 15,2014. In addition to these two books, and anymore which are expected in the series,

Garrett has written a series of short essays on God, religion, prayer, and related matters. This book, titled Who Cut God's Hair, also came out in late 2013.In Who Cut God’s Hair?, Garrett Glass explores timeless issues in a refreshingly new and simple-to-understand way. There is no complicated theology here, and no incomprehensible philosophy— just a sensible and basic discussion of God, the Universe, Religion, Good and Evil, Prayer and other spiritual matters. Glass shows how God is a creation of our thoughts, who appears as real to us as many phenomena of the natural world. God can be as real as anything we see, hear, touch or sense in a personal way, and we can project him as existing beyond ourselves—as a material entity in the cosmos.

While this God is an illusion, no one should be mocked for believing in him. Who Cut God’s Hair?” speaks intelligently to believers and non-believers alike, and Glass shows a respect for religion that is often lacking in discussions about God from those who are not convinced of his existence. Who Cut God’s Hair? cuts through the endless debates over where God exists or not—he does and he doesn't, depending on whether you wish to accept or reject the illusion of his existence which comes about when we begin to think about him.

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