Doug Michael on the Mythicist Milwaukee Show

Doug Michael is a researcher of 17 years and has studied many topics in depth, including: ufology, secret societies, hidden agendas, occultism, astrotheology, alternative healing, and what he refers to as social control paradigms. He has been a featured guest on national radio and has self-published many diverse works.

His Facebook Page is titled Awake in the Age of Revealing: and its purpose is to network with like-minded truth seekers and to exchange ideas for discovery and transformation.

He has a very popular YouTube Channel that can be found under Doug Michael. The Mythicist Milwaukee team had the pleasure of being interviewed on his YouTube Channel.

You can interact live during the show by Tweeting us @MythicistMKE or Facebook Message

Topics for the Show:
• Exoteric and esoteric knowledge
• Solar symbolism in Egypt, Christianity and Freemasonry
• Solar and stellar symbolism in modern times
• Council of Niccea
• King James edit of the Bible
• Corruption in the Roman Church
• Religion’s effect upon the collective consciousness (externalization of authority, obedience, etc.)