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Conference sponsors are helping to achieve Mythicist Milwaukee's mission of providing our communities to showcase a diversity of viewpoints on a variety of trending, important topics of our time.. Your sponsorship helps to bring in speakers across the secular spectrum and provide attendees with a day filled with entertainment and education. We work directly with our sponsors to work out a package that is mutually beneficial.

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vip party sponsor

Mythicist Milwaukee's after party gives participants a chance to have in-depth conversations with the people who have been a major influence in the way they view the world. Sometimes, their writing, scholarship and artistry is what got people through a dark or lonely time in their lives. Being in a room filled with like-minded individuals is what some find the most beneficial part of the whole conference. 

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debate sponsor

The Buzzed Belief debate series is generously sponsored by philanthropist Mario Quadracci. The goal is to learn and to entertain. To promote understanding between those who are believers and those who are not. Learn more about the Buzzed Belief series



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