Every segment at this year's conference features a moderated discussion between multiple people with differing points of view. You'll hear from activists, academics, journalists, entertainers, YouTubers, podcasters and more.


Atheist panel mythcon v (1).png

How has the political climate divided the atheist community?

Featuring: Armoured Skeptic, Jaclyn Glenn, Vadim Newquist (aka, Creationist Cat) David Smalley
Moderated by: Stephen Knight

Feminism panel mythcon v.jpg

Have women achieved gender equality in the U.S.?

Featuring: Karen Garst and Karen Straughan
Moderated by: Melissa Chen


AA panel mythcon v.jpg

What impact does social justice activism have on the African American community?

Featuring: Marissa Janea Johnson and Derrick Blackman  
Moderated by: Brittany Simon



Media panel mythcon v.png

Are social commentary outlets displacing the influence of mainstream media?

Featuring: The Quartering, Chris Ray Gun, Claire Lehmann, Stephen Knight
Moderated by: David Smalley

updated intersectionality panel mythcon v (3).png

What is the impact of intersectionality?

Featuring: Lauren Chen aka Roaming Millennial, Clay Routledge, Michael Rowlands, Chrisiousity
Moderator: David Smalley

Identity Politics panel mythcon v.png

Where do social justice, the secular community and identity politics meet? 

Featuring: Richard Carrier and Sargon of Akkad
Moderated by: Mario Quadracci

Trans panel Mythcon V (1).jpg

How can we navigate the issues impacting transgender people today?

Featuring: Theryn Meyer, Blaire White, Angel Bonilla
Moderated by: Brittany Simon

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After Party 

Mingle with the day's speakers and special guests at our after-party at Aloft Hotel. Limited number of tickets available.