Night Journey to Hamtramck: An Exploration of the Muslim Call to Prayer in America


The adhan, or Muslim call to prayer, is sung and broadcast from mosques in Islamic nations around the world up to five times a day summoning Muslims for mandatory prayer. 

The public broadcast of the adhan has been a common practice in Muslim nations for over a thousand years. But this practice was all but unheard of in the United States until 2011 when a mosque in the town of Hamtramck, Michigan began broadcasting the adhan over the public airspace. 

This Mythicist Milwaukee documentary explores how the adhan is perceived and understood by the residents of Hamtramck and the effect it has had on this small, historically Polish-Catholic suburb of Detroit.

Original upload date 3/8/13 YouTube flagged this video for copyright claims which forced us to re-upload it. This video was Mythicist Milwaukee's first attempt at a big project. As you can tell by the poor audio and visual production we did not have a big budget to put this together.