Batman & Jesus the movie.

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Mythicist Milwaukee is teaming up with Jozef K. Richards of King's Tower Productions to create a documentary film investigating the historicity of a Jesus of Nazareth. Make sure to like the official Batman & Jesus Facebook page.

Was Jesus a historical person?

We'll trace and compare existing evidence to modern mythology to explore all the angles.

By tracing the origins of Jewish and Christian mythology and using the contemporary example of Batman, among other pop culture heroes, the film will illustrate the evolution of mythology over time, as well as demonstrate how canonizing the gospels of the Bible would have been comparable to trying to canonize the Batman series today.

The Impact

Does it matter if Jesus was a historical person or not? Absolutely, and this film will have the opportunity to point out the difference between the connotation of the Bible and the implications of Christianity depending on whether it's one or the other.

Our filmmaker

Jozef K. Richards / King's Tower Productions 

Jozef K. Richards has been making films through King's Tower Productions for the last 10 years, producing and directing two feature films (The Wayward SunThe Amateur Monster Movie), four web-series (Holy ShitFriday Night WeeklyPok√© Men & Women, Ecological Instant), and four short films. He has traveled the United States, Colombia, Egypt and other destinations to complete filming.

Risks & Challenges

This is a difficult subject to tackle that will upset many people. Presenting the information thoroughly and clearly, without completely overwhelming, is key. A certain sensitivity is also needed in the film's presentation, and in spite of the raucous title and sense of humor (present as well in Jozef's web series "Holy Shit"), it truly needs to come from a place of love, with a certain heart shining through the kicking and squirming; calming, it's going to be okay. Jozef's experience in mixing his emotions with his humor in his films and web series, and his Catholic school upbringing, give him an advantage in minding this delicate balance. 

Here again the idea is not to convert people away from Christianity or condemn its practitioners, but rather open a more honest discussion of the source of many of their beliefs: was it a real man they wrote about? Or was it their imagination writing with a different purpose? And if so, then what?

Secondly, it is important to be able to present the very best information, research, and evidence available today to verify and support the claims being made.

To achieve this, filmmaker Jozef is working with Mythicist Milwaukee to bring together some of the many diverse leading voices and scholars in the secular community to speak in the film about what we truly know about the life of Jesus, including Dr. Richard Carrier, author David Fitzgerald, and hiphop artist Killah Priest.

The producers would like to extend a special thanks to Brian Brown, Tim Lawler, Wayne E. Libby, Andrew J. Rowe, & Richard Watkins for their support on this film.

while you wait

If you're itching for great film to fill the mythicist void, take the time to view our web series, "Holy Shit" - also a Jozef and MM project. This is the great style and humor you can expect from Batman & Jesus.  

"Holy Shit" is a show that hopes to draw attention to the often overlooked aspects of the holy texts of the Christians and other faiths and how certain messages can contradict the overall intended attitude towards life and the world held by modern practitioners/believers and non-believers alike.

Batman and Jesus Merchandise

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