Who We Are:

In 2013, we started the Mythicist Milwaukee organization in order to offer a community to individuals that identified with secularism. We have since transitioned to Mythinformed with the goal of promoting viewpoint diversity in the social and political landscape. Our organization has been involved in many projects including filmmaking, conference organizing, comedy tours, talent management, podcasting, vlogging and more. We will continue to create content and events around trending topics in accordance to our mission and vision.


Engaging in conversation with those who share your beliefs can lead to deep bonds and friendships. However, it takes great strength to listen to, try to understand and engage in real conversation with others who do NOT share your views. Like questioning the historicity of figures in religious texts, we need to be able to ask the difficult and sometimes uncomfortable questions. We can apply this ethos beyond religion and into other beliefs to which people subscribe. When we dig deep to explore the origins of one's beliefs, we often find that we have more commonalities than differences. We can humanize beliefs that we were previously quick to reject. If we apply context, we enable ourselves to gain respect, empathy and understanding. We can agree to disagree; and when we disagree we can disagree sanely. The effect of this process allows us better understand our own beliefs, and sometimes we humbly change our minds.



Find out about our organization, mission and how we've started dialogue about culture, religion and freedom of thought.

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